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To take your laptop computer with you into the bathroom and surf the internet while taking a dump.
I took the biggest wi-fi dump today while bidding on e-bay.
by sir w June 20, 2006
adj. the ability to communicate with others, while releasing bodily fluids into the toilet. According to Andrew - known as a "Chat and Shat"
While having an in depth conversation with my mom, I experienced a wet wi-fi dump, followed by a wi-fi wipe
by henryb August 01, 2006
Using a laptop computer while also using the toilet. Generally followed by a wi-fi wipe.
I just had an awesome wi-fi dump because I was able to tell my friend on AIM how huge it was.
by A Germ July 26, 2006
to take a poop while surfing the web.
I was myspacing while taking a wi-fi dump.
by mugatu123 September 10, 2006