when you are on www.myspace.com and editing your profile, signing guestbooks, replying to messages, checking out other profiles, etc.
A: What are you doing?
B: Well i was bored so i went myspacing.
by Trevor Roush March 28, 2005
verb, to go on myspace for a freakishly long time, overexercising your right to click on complete strangers' profiles and read about their baby's momma drama. A good sign one is myspacing is the constant click of the mouse and occasional scroll downs to look at pictures.
"you really need to stop myspacing"
"i was myspacing for 3 hours last night."
by dredle February 25, 2005
(verb) the action of working with myspace or using myspace.
Albert: Hey man what are you doing?
Kevin: I'm here myspacing, you know checking comments and stuff.
by CXB July 08, 2005
1. v. Wasting any/all of your time creating and/or looking at myspaces.
heyy!!! i was myspacing all day today and i saw yours! lol! its great! gtg bffl ily girlss ur the best :) ttyl <333
by poop master October 20, 2005
Being on the website myspace.com and doing assorted tasks
Man, I have been myspacing all day long.
by bluehavok November 02, 2005
the use of myspace; making actions on myspace
"Hey what are u doing?"
"Myspacing what about you?"
by Samaratang July 23, 2006
The act of spacing out on myspace, ultilmately resulting in myspacestalking.
My sister was looking up a friend on myspace and then totally ended up myspacing for the next 2 hours.
by the princess lolli October 02, 2005

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