the act of masturbating while simultaniously dropping a pooping.

Uusually done on the toilet, but not exclusivly, putting down a Whopper ensures the subject's privacy, and these two vital tasks can be accomplished at one time This leaves the subject with more time to play video games.
"With only on bathroom in Richard's house, he has found it neccesary to start putting down whoppers."

"Richard's face was quite red when he returned from the bathroom. I bet he was putting down a whopper. Oh man this video game is awesome"
#masturate #put down a three #rub on out #jerk off #jack off #flog the dolphin #spank the moneky #pet the one eyed snake
by JiffMart May 01, 2010
Top Definition
A yummy sandwich made by an underpaid teenager working at burgerking.
"last night I ate a whopper."
An person who makes an absolute fool out of themself, without being aware that others are laughing at them!!
Get on that fuc**in whopper over there !!
#knob #helmet #wanker #tit #tool #fuckwhitt
by DJ Rolex July 18, 2009

1. something of great size

2. a complete lie
That shoe is a whopper.
#jumbo #king sized #moby #wopper #whoper #whopper-jawed
by Light Joker March 30, 2007
well when used around the glasgow vecinity "whopper" is used to decribe a piece of information as termanologically inexact (a lie)
"uff man thats a pure whopper and a half"
translated -" thats a lie "
by kenny mcgill April 22, 2005
An exclamation used at the sight of a male blessed in the trouser regions.

An adjective used to describe the above average size of a penis.
"Even though Julie never ate fast food, she'd always jump at the chance to swallow a whopper."
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
an exaggerated story; a BS story.
Chuck has never caught a big fish or a hot girl in his life. All he does is tell whoppers.
#bullshit #bs #bull #lies #lying #exaggeration
by B Noble March 19, 2007
N. An obese yet alluring female that one always regrets hooking up with, because his friends always give him shit the next day.
I can't believe that Eric hooked up with that whopper last night!
#hog #hoggin #one night stand #fat #cow
by Luke M. October 29, 2006
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