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(n.) An amalgamation of the words "who done it" into one word. The whodunnit is a mystery where a crime or wrongdoing (a tort, so to speak) must be solved. Used to describe plays or cinema for the most part.
Cluedo is a whodunnit board game.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 19, 2004
1. A proclamation as to who did somthing. Usually used in terms of rednecked bewilderment and confusion.
2. A lesser known comment used in bewilderment by Toyota owners.
1. "Geeze Therlese, I sure dont see my pig any more, some one must have done gone off and married him. I wonder whodunnit?"
2. "I was this close to catching the killer, but someone left the door to my Camary open, whodunnit?"
by ryan February 12, 2004
1. A funny term for a mixed breed mutt dog of unknown origin.

2. A person or animal (usually dogs) to whom the identity of the father is unknown or uncertain.
Man, I'm so mad at my brother!. He left my Golden Retriever unattended outside and she got pregnant by a stray dog. I don't want to be raising a bunch of damn whodunnits!
by Quailhunter September 05, 2008
While doing a girl doggy style in front of a window, you have your buddy wait out of view. Mid stroke, tag your buddy in. Go to the window and a few minutes later pop up so the girl sees you, and then have your buddy donkey punch her. When she wakes up, she's like whodunnit?
Did you see how confused your girlfriend was last night when we pulled that whodunnit?
by Carter August 18, 2005
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