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15 definitions by Carter

used in any circumstance as a substitute for the phraze 'well done'
congratualtions... you've got your trophy
by Carter May 20, 2004
77 23
Born May 14, 1976.
Third and current bassist for A Fire Inside (AFI}. Multi-talented, can play drums, bass, guitar, saxophone and piano.
Obsessed with pirates. Has a tattoo of a pirate ship.
Likes old Prince, has a side project called Hunter Revenge.
Hunter Burgan used to have bleah-blonde hair, and is now bald, which actually looks better.
by Carter June 19, 2006
64 13
Poyish, People who are awsome and go to shows. A positive comment.
That dood is poyish for sure.
by Carter March 29, 2006
4 0
Sexual relations; the act of having sexual relations
"Ain't no funky scrumpin up in here"
-Snoop Dogg
by Carter May 07, 2005
2 1
Term exclamed during the act of taking something belonging to someone else, usually while they are in the vicinity. Often the item is immediately returned, unless it is food, as in someone's last slice of pizza. Use a voice an octave or two higher than your normal speaking voice whilst exclaming.
Bob set the remote on the couch, and John quickly took it away, exclaiming "snatchums!"
by Carter July 13, 2004
1 0
Short for ROFLMAO (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off)
rof, thats rather uber
by Carter September 04, 2003
35 34
The act of flirting with a woman, especially with women who have male companions present.
"Dude, don't interrupt him. He's chucking it."
by Carter May 07, 2005
6 6