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Something done in a clearly unconventional way without the least bit of class or concern for ascetics. Generally a way of fixing something not how it is supposed to be, but still in a way that works, generally using a lot of duct tape, zip-ties, WD-40, and hose clamps. It is never done right but it always works to an extent. It can also be simply the way something was done like using a trampoline instead of a ladder or using a car radiator and some tin foil to cook some meat from a deer you just hit.
I broke the side mirror on my truck so I duct taped a travel mirror to where it broke off and sorta rednecked it together.

I didn't want to drill holes in my truck for a CBS antenna base so I just welded the base to a pair of vice grips and used them to hold it on. It looks pretty rednecked but it works good.
by worlds half-smarterist redneck January 09, 2014
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