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To be far too stoned to the point of the room spinning, far more extreme than rawhide.
Dont have a whitie.
by oracle March 12, 2004
A drug induced sickness
extreme vomiting and illness
cold sweats etc.
omg did you see that kid whitie last night?

Yeah man, he was chonged
by Chris Terry March 08, 2006
the term used in general for white people, but is now used sometimes to replace the man by other races, see example below. Someone who is called whitie is usually being opressive.
Non-white person: Damn whitie! He's always keeping me down.
by the renegade of funk May 14, 2005
Glaswegian slang: To experience a moment of near-unconsciousness whilst drunk, similar to a near-death experience but without religious significance.
Ah wuz goin tae get mae hole but ah took a whitie and ended up boakin doon 'er skirt, man.
by simon January 21, 2004
a slang term used by indians to describe white people
"Look at dat fuckin whitie!"
by Konecsni February 18, 2003
A slang word given as a nicname or used while a person is in half conciousness (usually sitting) after smoking lots of Marijuanna usually stumbling looking like a zombie and or going completly pale but not quite at the stage of vomiting (That would be greening out)
come on whitie lets go home
by Whitie213 April 12, 2011
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