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When your really stoned and rolling a joint takes for ever.
Rolling, rolling, rolling.....
by oracle March 12, 2004
A girls ass that has been fucked for the past hours. It turns raw after a while because of the fucking.
"Dude that girl got Raw Hide after a while".
by sizzle my nizzle nigga August 02, 2009
Older woman who has not aged well.
Guy1: Dude did you see her?

Guy2: Yeah, her face is like Rawhide

Guy1: Man, I am so drunk I am going to ride ol Rawhide
by bobbymagee April 18, 2010
When you fart under the covers and then pop them real fast while saying "Rawhide!" Must be accompanied by the "Ka-Chisssh" cracking of the whip... Similar to a covered wagon, but with more velocity.
"Rawhide Bitch! Ka-Chisssh! "
by preston1145 October 07, 2011
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