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An insult directed at men tending to diminish or disparage. Also used at belittling their genitalia & manhood.
Hey whistle dick, can't you carry that by yourself?
Old whistle dick here couldn't get laid in a mortuary!!
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
What my uncle Bill called males as a passing friendly redneck nickname. Not meant to be insulting.
Hey whistle dick, long time no see, how you been?
Hey whistle dick, how's your folks doin these days?
Come here whistle dick, and give me a hand with this tire.
Thanks whistle dick, I couldn't've done it without you.
by DLE April 09, 2006
A dick so small it resembles a referee's whistle.
"Hey, where's whistledick?"
by yno May 10, 2005
One who blows dicks like they're whistles. Synonymous with cocksucker.
That guy with the BMW just finished shaving his chest, and now he wants to race you. What a whistledick.
by Kradackledack April 26, 2009
To speak with a slight drawn whistle on words with an 's' or 'sh'. A lisp that creates a whistle-y noise.
I can't understand what that crack-head is saying. He keeps whistle dickin' his s's.

That whistle dick can't get through a sentence without spittin' up his lunch on me.
by Edapoe March 05, 2009
An offensive name Morgan's dad used to call Derk.
Hey Morgan, hey Connie, hey Tay, hey whistle dick!
by Nicci May 21, 2004
a man who doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom because he thinks his penis is so clean that he shouldn't have to or that his penis is "as clean as a whistle".
by hdw1973 May 07, 2010
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