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To go back and forth on a decision or issue.

To make a decision and then change your mind.
Bernard: You coming to Hooters for happy hour?

Larry: No, I can't. My wife wants me home at 6.

Bernard: You said you were goin' an hour ago! Nice flip flop. Get a sack.
by Edapoe March 05, 2009
To roll a joint and then light it yourself when others are present.
John: Almost (licks the glue and then lights it himself).

Toby:Sooo, I guess your just gonna chief that spleef?

John: (quickly passes it) Sorry dude, habit.
by Edapoe March 05, 2009
Budweiser beer (especially in a 24oz. can).
outside QuickTrip, the interior of a 1989 Ford Probe...

Christian: You want something to drink?

Grant: Can of Diesel.

Christian: A 2 by 4?

Grant: That's what I said.
by Edapoe March 05, 2009
To speak with a slight drawn whistle on words with an 's' or 'sh'. A lisp that creates a whistle-y noise.
I can't understand what that crack-head is saying. He keeps whistle dickin' his s's.

That whistle dick can't get through a sentence without spittin' up his lunch on me.
by Edapoe March 05, 2009

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