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To interrogate someone for no apparent or logical reason.
"Where you goin, Phil?"
"To my friend's house."
"What friend?"
"Paul who?" etc....
by GiantSnowman March 25, 2005
An omhican is a backwards mohican haircut; you shave the middle off(which on a mohican is traditionally the only hair left) but leave the rest.
"I need a hair cut...do you think I'd look good with a mohican?"
"No...how about an omhican?"
"What's that?"
by GiantSnowman October 15, 2006
Slang for a gay person.
Dad, I've got something to tell you..."
Ten minutes later
"No son of mine is a dirty floating voter.
by GiantSnowman April 11, 2005
Brunny is 24 and still hasn't hit puberty. He likes eating honey, like a bear, and speaks like he has a blocked nose. Prone to throwing hissy fits and storming out of English lessons crying saying "I have got the point, though!"
Someone who throws a fit for no reason is "pulling a brunny"
by GiantSnowman November 26, 2004
An American who, during the American Revolution, supported the British.
Name derives from the British political party (Whig Party) who are now the centre/centre-left Liberal Democrats
"Hank, Billy supports the British"
"You know, Chad, that Billy is a Whig.
by GiantSnowman April 14, 2005

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