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Someone who gets paid hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, to eat lunch in fancy restaurants, play golf, and buy elections. Complains that the people who do the actual work cost too much, so cuts health insurance and lays off employees. Moves jobs to places where people are willing to work for .35 an hour, twelve hours a day, and live without indoor plumbing. Can totally screw up a company, and still get a golden parachute and another cushy "job."
Executives are so unused to doing any actual work that they would be crusting without some underpaid assistant to wipe their bums.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
Executive: is an erection you have whilst at work. However its only known as an 'executive' if you wear a suit to work.
Sitting at your desk, doing some spreadsheets. Then the hot girl from Marketing walks in. BOOM. Executive.
by Hans Gruben March 15, 2010
One who wears suits, shiny shoes and carries a breifcase to work.
Dude 1:Dude 2, you look like an executive in that sunday suit.
Dude 2: Shut up.
by The Literate Chatter-box October 21, 2004
normal house or apartment that some jackass trying to rent it out decided to spruce up by adding a meaningless but impressive-sounding adjective
$2750 Executive Home 3Br (Diamondhead)
by renter September 28, 2006
high rollin' playa at some ill company
Bill Gates is tha executive of Microsoft
by mo April 05, 2003
you are having anal sex with a girl, you withdrawl the penis, and start titty fucking her leaving a shit trail in the middle of her chest resembling a tie
i have her the executive last night
by bob boes February 17, 2003
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