a word you use when you have no other comeback to say to someone who just dissed you big time. same with shut up.
are we siamese twins?" "no" "then y r u always next to me?" "whatever!
by justinsgurlie January 08, 2011
Means i hope you get shot, fall off a bridge, raped by a shark, then eatten by it.
by Savior730r May 27, 2011
A person anwsering a question.
Question: Is there anything I can do to make you feel happier?
Anwser: I don't know, it's whatever...
by Chuckles1996 September 30, 2011
Something you will say when you are losing an argument (just observe any common argument and see.)
"Whatever, you are wrong, I am right, whatever."
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 25, 2003
Another way of saying "Aight"
Richie: That girl looks cute
Byron: She's whatever
by A-son March 29, 2011
To whatever somebody is to drive by someone, slow down, say whatever, and drive away.
{pull up to somebody. say whatever. speed away}
by whatever. whatever August 31, 2010
The word you say over and over when you want to get on someones damn nerves.
Person: You are a fucking asshole!
You: Whatever
You: Whatever
Person: Stop you asshole! You're so annoying!
by Strange Little Girl June 25, 2004

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