Another way of saying "Aight"
Richie: That girl looks cute
Byron: She's whatever
by A-son March 29, 2011
To whatever somebody is to drive by someone, slow down, say whatever, and drive away.
{pull up to somebody. say whatever. speed away}
by whatever. whatever August 31, 2010
Something you will say when you are losing an argument (just observe any common argument and see.)
"Whatever, you are wrong, I am right, whatever."
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 25, 2003
The word you say over and over when you want to get on someones damn nerves.
Person: You are a fucking asshole!
You: Whatever
You: Whatever
Person: Stop you asshole! You're so annoying!
by Strange Little Girl June 25, 2004
If your are being dised by some one and you have no come backs say what ever!
Pedro V:Ross your so freaking gay!
Ross B:Yeah WHAT EVER!
by Pedro May 30, 2003
The sound a cheerleader makes when aggitated. Commonly used before walking away or to end an argument. Is way over used.
Cheerleader A: "Dude, your split sucked."
Cheerleader B:"At Least I can do a split, unlike someONE I know."
Cheerleader A: "Like, whatever."
by Mitchi-chan February 13, 2008
1. refusing to have anything to do with someone for obvious reasons such as ugliness,social standing etc.
eww look its the trumpet players what-ever!
by sparky March 02, 2005

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