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A ultimate rank of perfection and freshness that only certain individuals hit.
Matt Miller is Sway.
by Matt Miller January 14, 2004
A relatively popular MMORPG, where you play as a furre, or cross between a certain animal and human. Such slang as 'twink' (unfair roleplay) and 'yiff' (sexual roleplay) are used. Instead of gaining experience and stats, you roleplay, meaning you create a character and make them interact with other characters. There are several guilds, or medieval-esque organizations, to join and RP. You can attack other people's guilds, ally with them, etc. Very fun.
My character fought some twink the other day named Karo HellShade. Ugh.
by Matt Miller May 31, 2004
Beelzebub, a translation of Baal-zebub. Both translate to Lord of Flies (more commonly), or Lord of the Dungheap. Because flies often gather around decaying corpses and as well spread disease, the term is symbolic for Lord of Death, Decay, Disease, etc. Beelzebub is either used as a synonym for Satan himself, or, as was made popular in Paradise Lost, as Satan's second-in-command devil.
You cast out devils by Beelzebub, chief of devils. (Accusation made toward Jesus, meaning he casts out devils by calling upon Satan.)
by Matt Miller May 28, 2004
Plural for seraph, the highest rank of the angel hiearchy. It is commonly mistranslated as the singular form of the word. The seraphim are the 'burning ones,' and sing day and night praises to God before God's throne. They have six wings and supposedly move too quickly for mortals to see.
That painting is of the seraphim before God.
by Matt Miller January 31, 2005
Internal Revenue Service
I lost my house to the IRS.
by Matt Miller January 15, 2004
A game involving a ball of some sort being tossed at your garbage... until one person takes to many hits and quits.
hey cory get your camera me and drew are gonna play some nutball
by matt miller November 27, 2002
The meaning of Lucifer's name. This is because, although the morning star may be the first light of dawn, the sun (God) eventually rises and makes the other stars obsolete in its brilliance. Ironically, both Jesus and Mary are also called morning star.
O Morning Star, thou art...
by Matt Miller July 22, 2004

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