a messed up version of wtf coined by buds due to her suspected mental issues. used as a 'special' alternative to wtf, and is used in the same way.

warning: usage often causes people to look at you as if you are mentally challenged and occasionally ask if you are. use with caution.

in short, wft is the new wtf.

dubs: ms moore is giving us team detention

buds: no way! dude, wft, i can't put that on my college application! wft!?!
by dubs the magnificent April 22, 2006
What? Fuck that

Also typo of - "wtf"
player251: dude, Tim banged you girl last night
tomboy69: wft
by average March 05, 2006
What Fuck The. "wtf" spelled incorrectly.
wft d00d lag
by Asiafan July 28, 2003
this actually means, "wont forget them." or "wont forget this".
September 11, 2001. WFT
by Matthew90 May 12, 2008

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