another term for "on fire", as in basketball
damn, his shot's wet!
by endo November 04, 2003
(Adj.) Slang for something that is clean/sick/awesome/etc.

-Those new Jordans are wet.

-Mario's dance moves are wet.
by Angel_BooBear February 28, 2014
A feeling of highness. Not physically "wet," instead you're so high on either a drug or just something you enjoy (e.g. music) that you may feel "wet," or out of your typical state of mind. Typically this refers to dance music that makes you feel "high." It is also common to be referring to a hot girl. Originated from the dance artist Krewella.
That girl over there makes me wet.
by electro479 November 01, 2013
To succeed in. To do it big
Sam hit this shot, wet it up.

Eli beat this dude down, he wet it up
by TshOw23 January 11, 2012
Used as a statement of exclamation during times of extreme excitement. Derived from how awesome it is when something is wet, such as a vagina.
I won the lottery?!?!? That is so wet!
by Maxwell F. November 09, 2011
a term to used to say your very drunk.
IM totally wet right now.
Im ode wet.
Bro ... you wet ?
by fliiguydubb July 21, 2011
in the bay area, wet means cool, sick, clean, dope, saucy ( insert whatever term you want)
man that nigga's shoes are wet!

bruh your haircut's fuckin wet!
by bd24 March 29, 2011

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