(Adj.) Slang for something that is clean/sick/awesome/etc.

-Those new Jordans are wet.

-Mario's dance moves are wet.
by Angel_BooBear February 28, 2014
One who wears the freshest clothes, and pulls the most hoes. To be wet; fly; dope; awesome. Originated in north west Florida, the 850.
Chandler: why are you so good at beer pong?

Me: cause I'm wet. (End)

Bobby: Damn that girl is wet!! (End)
by Captain wett January 02, 2014
The opposite of dry. You're an idiot if you didn't know this, or thought that it meant...... Something else. =_=
You know what wet means, pervert!
by TheLastNonPervert... October 26, 2013
An extremely awe-inspiring, impressive, or admirable event, action, or object.
Dude, that show was wet!
by Dijon2 August 23, 2013
Kemba Walker. If you could post a picture that's all you need. The man is wet. Get him a towel.
Go on YouTube. Wetness vs Pitt. Last second step back jumper game winner. Broke MeGee's ankles
by Hardcore_lover.edu/gov.sex March 17, 2011
intoxicated from drinking
i'm wet as shit right now
by Thates2002 August 23, 2010
cool clean
dem shoes wet
by kandy76hunnet June 13, 2010

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