in the bay area, wet means cool, sick, clean, dope, saucy ( insert whatever term you want)
man that nigga's shoes are wet!

bruh your haircut's fuckin wet!
by bd24 March 29, 2011
Good, cool, pleasant.
Tim: Dude, I went to Chipotle yesterday, and my friend Doug was working and hooked me up with a free burrito.

David: No way, man! That's so wet!
by Fool for Your Stockings March 01, 2011
A word used to express how cool, awesome, or rad something is. "Wet" can be used in various situations, but it's generally applied to moments of awe or excitement.
Dude, that drift you pulled in your new whip was wet.
Whoa, I didn't realize my grade in calculus was so wet.
My jumper is so wet.
by Casekn1 February 27, 2011
When something looks fresh.
Boy 1: I just got a line-up

Boy 2: Damnn, that looks hella wet!
by ulookfatwenucry January 22, 2011
Used to describe a girl that is sexy as hell
(sexy girl walks by)
-Damn, she wet!
by Gib93 December 14, 2010
When someone has a nice shot in basketball, their wet. Also, when their in such a zone shooting that there's no question of the shot going in or not.
Reggie Miller is probably the wettest shooter ever to play basketball
by JWIZZY November 08, 2010
To be drunk, high or intoxicated in any way.
"Man i was so wet last night, my head is killing me."
by J.1 May 11, 2010
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