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A word used to express how cool, awesome, or rad something is. "Wet" can be used in various situations, but it's generally applied to moments of awe or excitement.
Dude, that drift you pulled in your new whip was wet.
Whoa, I didn't realize my grade in calculus was so wet.
My jumper is so wet.
by Casekn1 February 27, 2011
When someone has a nice shot in basketball, their wet. Also, when their in such a zone shooting that there's no question of the shot going in or not.
Reggie Miller is probably the wettest shooter ever to play basketball
by JWIZZY November 08, 2010
Something that is cool or an amazing event. Can also mean that girl is very nice looking(gorgeous) and i would like to get wet with her.
Man that party was wet.
That girl by starbucks is just too wet.
by TBaka September 13, 2010
To be drunk, high or intoxicated in any way.
"Man i was so wet last night, my head is killing me."
by J.1 May 11, 2010
it is what adam is every night when he see's olis mum
adam is so wet because he is horny over olis mum
by sargdan May 04, 2010
when defining how cool some one is.
dude you hella gay

you just mad cause you cant get wet like me
by bomber9 March 27, 2010
In basketball, a player is wet when he seems incapable of missing a shot, especially a long-range jump-shot.
Damn, that's three threes in a row. Steve Nash is wet!
by Sejanus June 13, 2008