1. when a girl gets really horny.

2. what chuck norris can never get.
1. That girl is so wet and horny that if she was a guy she would be jizzing in her pants right now.

2. When chuck norris jumps in water, he doesn't get wet. The water gets chuck norris.
by dammitbitch September 25, 2009
Noun. White Entertainment Television. A television channel that is offered on cable and satellite tv focusing mainly on white caucasian culture and history. Currently W.E.T. does not exist as it would be seen as racist in todays society. Many of those in American society feel that the channel would strengthen anti-semitism.
Example 1:"We don't need W.E.T. because everyone on tv is white anyway."
Example 2:"There's a B.E.T. why can't there be a W.E.T.? That's racist!"
by unbiased_info October 20, 2006
The opposite of dry.
I was not wet, but I went into the rain, and then I was.
by InkDropLet July 19, 2010
when a girl is horny and is leaking vaginal fluids
I called Renata and she got wet.
by I choose you Womble March 24, 2008
When you make alot of shots in the game of basketball, or wet as in a girls pussy being fully lubricated
yo, this bitch is wet. That nigga is wet
by John March 04, 2005
a basketball terminology
when the shot is a swish .. as in water
by The Referee March 10, 2003
A word used to describe something awesome or "dope".

Many times used by suburban white kids trying to be cool...or wet.
1 - That party tonight was so much fun.

2 - Hell yeah, shit was wet.
by TheA$$Man August 09, 2010

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