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The womans eqivilent to having a boner/erection/ejactulation/ etc...
I got my girlfriend wet last night
by DizzyLizzy November 21, 2006
1170 793
When PCP aka angeldust is sprinkled on some smokin content, that is, blunt or cigarette, and is smoked...
" Yo Dave, I didn't know you like to get wet.. That's PCP, angeldust, Sherman Helmsley, love boat, ashy larry. " - Wayne Brady
by $mokey September 22, 2004
1154 824
bay word for cool or tight
Damn my nigga them j's bout hella wet

i stay wet bruh!!!
by MS.FRESH December 21, 2007
552 435
slang for a mixture of PCP (Phencyclidine)which is a horse tranquilizer, and embalming fluid (fermaldahide). The psychosis inducing liquid is used to dip cigarettes, blunts, or marijuana joints creating vivid hallucinations for its user
Yo, I say we dip this blunt I just rolled in some wet.
by Brett August 23, 2003
372 281
1)when a girl is horny, and her pussy leaks fluids
2)when a guy is horny, and precum leaks out
1) Damn, she's so wet. it's like a river coming out of her pussy!

2) guy 1: Dude, you shorts are all wet!
guy 2: I know! I just can't stop thinking about my visit to the glory hole last night!
by Jake__ January 28, 2008
386 299
when a girl gets horny or gets turned on her pussy starts flowing liqud and it becomes wet
everytime my boyfriend starts touchin me and kissin me i start to get wet
by crab_killa_always March 05, 2008
242 156
Noun. White Entertainment Television. A television channel that is offered on cable and satellite tv focusing mainly on white caucasian culture and history. Currently W.E.T. does not exist as it would be seen as racist in todays society. Many of those in American society feel that the channel would strengthen anti-semitism.
Example 1:"We don't need W.E.T. because everyone on tv is white anyway."
Example 2:"There's a B.E.T. why can't there be a W.E.T.? That's racist!"
by unbiased_info October 20, 2006
143 58