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A deragotory word for a mexican. It has no relation to the mexican's way of entry into the United States. It could even apply to a hispanic individual who is an american born citizen.

A word of caution. Don't let a mexican catch you calling him a beaner, even if he was just talking smack about you in spanish. If he catches you, you'll have to fight him.
(and his 12 cousins)

You can diffuse the situation quickly by offering a giant nike swoosh decal as a peace offering.
Why do all beaners have mustaches?
by iceveiled April 28, 2006
gangsta slang terminolgy for shooting somebody with a firearm. blood spillage causes clothes to become wet.
you just won the wet t-shirt contest muthafucka!! - Ice Cube
by iceveiled August 01, 2005
A domineering and aggressive male. Instinctually forces his will upon other males and females to get his way through any means necessary, including violence. Unhibited and primitive.
Have you seen the way the boss runs the show...he's definitely an alpha male.
by iceveiled June 30, 2006

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