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A bubbly and over talkative girl who knows she's way too loud and peppy. A heartbreaker, who denies the fact that boys fall for her within an instant.
Julie: Hey! That guy is so into you! You should go talk to him!
Renata: Nah, he doesn't like me like that. But I am pretty darn awesome, no?
#pretty #guys #awesome #chatty #bubbly
by dibbz430 February 27, 2009
Means reborn. It comes from the italian verb Nascere (to be born). In past tense, it becomes nata (feminine) or nato (masculine). Adding the prefix "re" is basically the same as english. put it together? Renata=reborn.

Since Nata is feminine, it is a name given to, you guessed it, girls. It's an older Italian name, but slowly on the comeback.
Hi, I'm a girl, I'm Italian, and my name is Renata. Any questions?
#italian #reborn #renatta #girl's name #older
by MisguidedGhost November 08, 2009
a female who is bad, and she knows it. A Renata displays unparalleled levels of audacious behavior and always gets what she wants. A true Renata has better style, hair, and taste then you. She is smart and most of the time works alone. She has more depth than people expect. She will sleep with your brother, and then sleep with you, keep both of your testicles pickled in a jar on her desk and laugh evily every time she looks at them.

Jenny: What happened?

Lauren: Madison just Renata'd Steve awaaay from me!
Jenny: What?

Lauren: She used her undeniable charm, wit, and beauty in order to steal my boyfriend and now i'm crying alone and ugly!


George: Dude. i can't believe we both slept with renata.

Steve: Yeah, seriously.

George: i miss her everyday though. that was the best i've ever had.

Steve: true, true.
#beautiful #nathaniel #bff #bad ass #renate #tot tot #nay nay #matthew #genius #delicious #booty #badonkadonk
by tobeatsea September 01, 2010
The worlds most bitchiest girl. She is usually fat, hairy, ugly and self-centered. In good words she is "ambitious" and she works hard to achieve her goal, whether its a good one or not...
Tom: Hey what is your dream??

Renata: To steal my bestfriends boyfriend and ruin her life....

Tom: oh....
#renata #fat #ugly #bitch #hairy
by June810 May 12, 2010
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