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The damp remnants of a sex act, placed on the sheets, blanket, couch, backseat upholstery, or communal tarp. Arguments have spawned about which partner has the indignity and discomfort of sleeping in said spot.
Fuck him, it's his runoff jizz, I'm not sleeping in the wet spot.
by marla June 11, 2003
The extra sperm on the bed after sex.
I'm not sleeping in the wet spot again!
by Nina March 15, 2005
The wet area left on a bed sheet after a woman cums/squirts during intercourse.
You know you fucked your woman good when you see wet spot.
by Ms. Dick Pickles November 22, 2015
The female reproductive organ. Can be used for giving or getting pleasure and orgasm. Sensitive area between the female thighs. Has two lips called labias and has an entrance called vagina, also referred to as a pussy.
You need to lick my wetspot if you want me to suck your dick.
by RottenChicken November 24, 2008
When a girl has deep sexual feelings towards a guy or another woman she has a wet spot for them. Having a lust on for another person. A lot like a soft spot, but hotter.
God damn, that Johnny Depp! I've got a real wet spot for him!

Do you see the way Jan looks at Greg? She's got an obvious wet spot for him.
by KTDigs December 04, 2011
A "wet spot" is a toilet prank much like the upper decker. It also works better if you're a guy but if you're female, bonus points for you. At the end of your leak aim a little higher just enough so you dampen the back of the toilet seat. Hopefully somebody will come in and sit without noticing, giving them a nice slick tail bone. :-) Good times.
"I was at the party and I overheard Jack say he needed to pinch off a loaf so I ran in the can before he and left him a "wet spot" to enjoy later."
by J Ro. September 27, 2006
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