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It's a feeling that you have in a girl/boy. Liking that person so much. You can't think of anything except for that special someone.
"I have a soft spot for this guy, i just don't know what to do, should I make the first move?"
by fragile soul July 16, 2005
A fondness or affection for someone.

Sometimes used to denote the feeling you have for someone who is a friend, and that you might fancy, if such feelings weren't inappropriate.
Lucy had a soft spot for John, her best mate Sarah's long term boyfriend.
by SD101 March 28, 2008
A soft spot is a topic you have used to invoke a dramatic and negative emotional reaction from the other person, said with a sing-songy high inflection.
"You know, I have the best abs ever!"
"Yeah, but your mom is dead."
red-faced and clench-fisted "I hate you."
"Soft spot"
by Seamlus M. Tpyare (shameless.. April 27, 2013
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