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A big, strong girl who insists on riding shotgun.
"You'd better get out of that seat before Shivonne sees you and gives you the beat down."
by KTDigs November 26, 2011
Name for the Vice Principal of the high school. A greasy, inadequate douchebag who's afraid of his own shadow and lets everyone walk all over him, including the students he's supposed to be in charge of.
"I've got to go down to the office and see Dumbfuck because I was caught smoking again. Watch me talk my way out of this one."
by KTDigs December 08, 2011
The quietly spoken name for the Princess Posse. Never said to a member's face but snickered behind their back.
"That Aurora sure is earning his place in the Pussy Posse. What a self-important douche!"
by KTDigs December 08, 2011
A group of upper-middle class guys who hang together, are seriously image conscious, and think they are better than everyone else. They can each be directly related to one of the Disney princesses (Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmin, Aurora, ...).
"That Princess Posse and their hair, *head shake* they use more mousse than the entire cheerleading squad."

"I guess it's not hard to look down your nose at people when you're in the Princess Posse."
by KTDigs November 26, 2011
A person or pet who invades one's personal space. A person who stands unnecessarily close when they talk to you or just in a place with lots of room. A kid or pet that follows you around very closely so that whenever you change direction you bump into them or step on them.
?I was shopping with my nephew the other day and he was behind me every time I turned around. He was being such a personal space invader."

My dad is such a personal space invader! He stands right up close to you when he's talking to you. It makes a lot of people nervous.
by KTDigs July 10, 2014
The pattern of little burn holes left on an article of clothing after smoking a badly rolled hash joint.
"This used to be my favorite shirt, but now it's full of toke-a-dots."
by KTDigs November 26, 2011
When a girl has deep sexual feelings towards a guy or another woman she has a wet spot for them. Having a lust on for another person. A lot like a soft spot, but hotter.
God damn, that Johnny Depp! I've got a real wet spot for him!

Do you see the way Jan looks at Greg? She's got an obvious wet spot for him.
by KTDigs December 04, 2011
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