a small patch of hair in the vaginal area above the clit, vagina, etc.. for men to wipe their mouths on while eating a woman out.
Hunny im sure glad you keep this welcome mat down here for me to wipe my mouth off with!
by annoynymous February 03, 2008
Top Definition
A patch of hair sometimes found on the male lower back just above the buttocks; a rear end treasure trail.
The jogger bent over to stretch and when his t-shirt rode up, I could see his welcome mat.
by Will J. Pa. May 12, 2006
A tattoo just above the pubic region and below the belly button. This may also be known as a reverse tramp stamp.
When she took her pants off I saw her welcome mat
by white picket April 08, 2011
What you call a womans vagina when she uses it for the act of welcoming any and all good-looking new members into your community by sleeping with them before anyone else does. Similer to a welcome wagon but going the extra mile to your bed.
1-they call me the welcome mat because i hunt down the new guy in town and drag him to my lair before anyone else gets in theier pants

2- that chick is alameda's welcome mat for when the coasties pull into town
by trixxy b damned November 10, 2006
Leaving a nice turd on someones
front door step
Tom came home and stepped into his
new fresh welcome mat.
by sipitown August 22, 2003
ungangly, unkept pussy hair which is shocking at first sight. Usually sighted on beaches and pools creeping out from the sides of swimwear.
That bitch's welcome mat was so big when I pulled off her panties a pterodactyl flew out!!
by Fman68 October 31, 2006
A small patch of pubic hair above a woman's clitoris/vagina/pussy/genitalia. The majority of the pubic hair is shaved clean. See also landing strip or strip of bacon. Can be used with the term hardwood floors.
As she took off her panties, I noticed that she had hardwood floors with a welcome mat.
by ephemereality July 14, 2004
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