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an open vagina, large pussy, not a pleasant looking pussy
when she opened her legs, I was staring at an open face bologna sandwich
by fman68 October 31, 2006
A small patch of well groomed hair just above the vagina.
A make shift beard for a man or woman when one rests thier chin on the pubic hair resulting in a beard.
She had a perfectly groomed pussy resembling a small hamster pillow. Her hamster pillow was so cute I wanted to rest my head on it.
by fman68 October 31, 2006
An enlarged clitoris resembling a brick layer's knuckle,
a swollen clitoris similiar to a small penis, not a pleasent sight
her clit was the size of a brick layer's knuckle
by fman68 November 01, 2006
long pussy lips, worn out pussy, a well used vagina, stretched out labia
her labia resembled a pair of jerky curtains
by fman68 October 31, 2006
ungangly, unkept pussy hair which is shocking at first sight. Usually sighted on beaches and pools creeping out from the sides of swimwear.
That bitch's welcome mat was so big when I pulled off her panties a pterodactyl flew out!!
by Fman68 October 31, 2006
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