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Lil' Wayne a.k.a Tha Carter
"Catch my gal legs open betta smash that" - Lil' Wayne (weezy)
by Gurmanz December 23, 2005
1. Character on The Jefferson's the wife of George Jefferson. Weezy was short for Louise the name Weezy was givin to her as a nickname by George.

2.Lil' Wayne aka Weezy F. Baby self-proclaim Best Rapper Alive Considered by many the hottest thing in music today
Person A:Yo B U here dat new weezy shit
Person B:Ya Bro dat shit was HOT Man Tha Carter III is mad good

Person 1:That weezy and george there really moving on up arent they
Person 2:Yea they finally got a piece of that pie didnt they
by G LiFe 4 ReAl MaN February 01, 2008
A name for a drink that consists of ecstasy dissolved in wine.
Where the ecstasy gets someone more passionate and the wine gets them looser, making a great drink before having sex.
We sipped on some Weezy before getting into bed.
by NjEKTiON July 12, 2009
A female racist turtle.
That must be a weezy because it only hangs out with those turtles.
by moandkay July 06, 2012
A modern example of a super cool totaly awseome dude who is also refered to as Liam Coughlan
Weezy has fallen asleep on the bog again....what a crazy cat
by Ronnie Drizzy Smith February 28, 2011
In Daygo (San Diego, CA) we use weezy to name a girl/ boy your interested in, person you like, or going out with. Can also be the most important of your many girlfriends or boyfriends, kinda like the wifey or main squeeze.
Yup that fly chicks my weezy.

Jessica Alba is weezy material.

She's gonna be the new weezy.
by aknockz January 28, 2009
lil wayne; a sorry-ass rapper who uses the lamest material.
pretty much a joke to hip hop/rap genre;
"All he does is moan and talk like a retarded 5 year old boy high on pot. He's garbage. His lines are wack and don't make sense. The only reason people like him is cause they hear other people listening to his shit and they think it's cool. In conclusion, Lil Wayne blows dik and everytime i hear his cry baby voice blaring from some homo's weak system, I want to jump off a cliff."

Face it, Lil Wayne sucks. He claims to be the best and a bunch of people jump on his dick and ride it like that's supposed to make us believe he has skill. I'll give props to Lil Wayne for scamming a few bucks out of fans that go purchase his album but not to the fans that think he's a beast in the rap game. All you fans just got played. Hard.
*Weezy starts his mumbling*

Me - "Fuck that -- oh, what the hell is he doin?! What the fuck is this shit?!"

Lil wayne - "You can't be serious! This motherfucker talkin' 'bout me!? I'm gonna beat the shit -- get the fuck out my way!"

Me - "Pimp smack yo ass! Bow down to a true pimp, bitch!"
by weezykissesguys November 22, 2009