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Daygo: Slang term for "San Diego" and variant term to "Dago." Normally referred to in the context of San Diego's inner-city neighborhoods.
And dem Daygo niggaz know what's up.
by ShockG40 October 03, 2004
830 171
Derogatory word for Italian (see also: dago) early italian immigrants were forced to work in the coal mines and they would get paid cash-in-hand at the end of each day. . getting paid as the day goes they were called Day-gos.
Alright boss it's time to shut down, gotta go pay the "Day-go"
by LMFD013 March 14, 2011
23 4
Something that is chill, comes from the slang for San Diego
Bro that party last night so was daygo
by socalryry June 20, 2011
84 74
that little piece of shit that hangs outta your ass that just wont come out!
Where ever you go, daygo !
by piggiewiggie May 05, 2010
53 162
a term that can be used to replace $30
Ben- Hey, how much money do you have?

Bob- Umm... a little more than a daygo.
by bdearman July 10, 2008
76 264
A degrading racial slurr that can be applied to both Mexicans, Italians and to a lesser extent, Latin Americans.
My god, Ty Rule is such a fucking daygo.
by Kyle Greene May 09, 2005
181 404
Someone who attends school in the daytime (eg. not a boarder)
by kipper November 01, 2003
22 260