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The skin on your elbows. It can be stretched out, and, like a penis, you can compare the size of it to others.
It is a flap of skin.
It holds your elbows in.
It sounds like penis,
But it is weenus,
Oh, Yes, It is!!!

"My weenus is bigger than yours!!!"
by Faith March 24, 2004
it's a funny word that i thought i made up for penis and weener combined into one, but it turns out that it's already a word
When he jumped into the pool, i saw his WEENUS!
by celia May 10, 2003
that weird skin on the end of your elbow
by zch February 22, 2003
to recieve anal sex with your penish stuck between your legs.
gertrude weenused jimbob, but only on nights of the full moon.
by sarah badera November 12, 2002
The male penis.
Bob, you have a small weenus unlike Timmy who has a rather large weenus.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
the two big floppy things that cover a possums ass.
1. Look at the weenus on that possum!!!!
2. That possum has a double weenus!!!
3. That possums weenus is bigger than yours!!!
by Weenus January 28, 2005
Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics as on FRIENDS
Chandler's business uses wenus pronounced weenis
by Matt Reschke October 26, 2003
The longest pubic hair on your ball sac.
"My weenus needs to be trimmed"
by George Bish May 22, 2003