The longest pubic hair on your ball sac.
"My weenus needs to be trimmed"
by George Bish May 22, 2003
Slang term for "chin".
"I stroke my weenus when I'm in deep thought."
by Radha May 18, 2004
boogers that form in the corner of your eye
Eww, get that weenus out of your eye!
I woke up this morning with weenus in my eye.
by will May 08, 2004
a man with a penis growing out of his ass.
He 69 two homosexuals with his penis and his weenus.
by Jon Kruger October 23, 2003
Extra skin on the body.
yo you got some weenus on your elbow.
by Nelly March 08, 2005
A cross between a a wussy and a penis. Gay guys who still are gender confused.
"I hate it when he prances around like such a damn weenus!"
by CJ5GUY April 23, 2006
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