that weird skin on the end of your elbow
by zch February 22, 2003
The skin on your elbows!!
the skin on your elbow!!
by Hannah February 14, 2005
An exceptionally small penis.
I used to think Jammy was right macho until i heard he had a weenus.
by Dunky Oggins November 24, 2003
"weenus"--a tiny "nus." there's big-nus, small-nus, happi-nus--and wee--nus.
the debate is over! obviously it's the skin on your ELBOW!

the 1st little piggy went to the market,the second little piggy stayed home, the third little piggy had roast beef, the next little piggy had none, the last little piggy went weenus, weenus, weenus all the way home.
by mike slaven August 07, 2006
Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics as on FRIENDS
Chandler's business uses wenus pronounced weenis
by Matt Reschke October 26, 2003
A very small or tiny penis.
Girl...He pulled down his pants and showed me his weenus.
by Pooh Butt February 10, 2008
1. An incredibly stupid or idiotic person or act

2. male appendege

3. Something that gets you aggrevated
1. David, your a stupid weenus

2. My weenus poped out.

3. Why did the toaster break? Freaking weenus!
by apstguy March 16, 2004
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