Extra skin on the elbow even skinny people have.
my buddy and i are thinking of getting our weenises pierced.
by DroBlowin July 19, 2006
One who obsesses over someone or something.
Man that dude is a serious videogame weenis.
by Dude October 11, 2003
A noun, a word to use when in a verbal fight. It means a weiner/penis.
"go suck a weenis"
"your a weenis"
by Inventor of the word Weenis April 03, 2006
means the same thing as "wankis" "dumbass" or "jankus". it's an endearing (Spell?) name to call a friend that does what he's told.
"hey weenis! get me a beer!"

"shut-up weenis"

"where was weenis today, he's usually got nothing better to do than hang out with us ass holes."
by alpha male with tits November 24, 2003
a long, stringy penis.
I snuck up behind her and sprayed her with my weenis.
by mike "McShed" gould September 17, 2003
A little boy thats not afraid of climbing trees because he has a "weenis"
I'm not a scaredy cat cuz i got a weenis
by Patrick March 03, 2005
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