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a small penis apparently
he is a weener he has a small penis
by emma101 April 30, 2005
a really good band, that rocks loads
rocker 1: what is your fave band
rocker 2: hopesfall, they rock
by emma101 March 29, 2005
Love is something you can't describe it's how you feel how the other person makes you feel.
When you are in love you will just be able to look at him/her and get this bubbly feeling where you almost feel like you might throw up but don't worry! It's just love.
If you're young and think you love someone... That's okay because that just means you get to spend more time with your husband/wife but also you can't tell someone you love them and then one day just leave/cheat/hurt them because that's not fair for them and if you ever really did have feelings for them you wouldn't have done anything to hurt them.
So love is just when you want to spend every moment with them you; smile just looking at them; and when you hold them you can barely let go.
It's impossible to stay mad at them.
You see yourself growing old with them.
And you just cannot describe how you feel.
"I love you."
"I love you too."
"I love you more."
"I love you most."
by Emma101 January 11, 2014
that scary guy that stnads round skipton tellin you that jesus loves u n forces u into taking a leaflet
scary guy: jesus loves u
me: does he!?!
scary guy: yes here take a leaflet
me: but uve already given me about 20
by emma101 April 10, 2005
blink 182 is a great and with great music, it isn't punk but the members are and some hardcore punks think it is lame but thats coz der losers who don't realise that you can like punk music and blink 182 at the same time!
look at that chump who doesn't like blink 182
by emma101 March 30, 2005
some 1 who types minga into an urban dictionary blatantly can't spell
hey, you can't spell you loser
by emma101 March 30, 2005
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