Someone with a small dick.
Look that guys a weener!
too rite!
by balthazar03 April 19, 2004
Benjy Tom Thomasson (Swedish Love God0
Hey Weener, found it yet?
by GOG January 03, 2005
a small rodent that has the speed of a cheetah and the flair of a wombat.
the thunders cats
by Adam Scott-Gobin March 11, 2003
A man with long hair who can't wrestle and doesn't sing in a rock band, normally won't have a job.
Any Big Issue seller
by Gary Eggbean October 27, 2003
people who say 'smart guy'
smart guy up theres a weener and probably recommended my post for deletion because hes a bush lover, both kinds most likely.
by not smart guy August 15, 2003
Matt Green -a staafss uni student from gloucester, who was caught wanking but denied it. still denies it in the faces of circumstantial evidence in the form of a video clip
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
What Steve wishes he had in place of his Niggina.
Haha Steve, you have no weener you fuckhead.
by Jerkin Slo June 10, 2004

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