A wannabe emo.

- Has a inch of eyeliner around their eyes.
- Normally a pre-teen or 13/14 year old.
- Usually mixed patterns.
- Buys all their clothes from H&M
- Has dyed black hair but with bad roots.
haha that year 7 girl is such a weem.
by O0O0OHNOSE.itsyamom. November 06, 2007
Top Definition
Originating from Salt Lake City high schools and especially popular in that area, "weem" describes a hot woman
Man, this party is full of weems!
by AltaSKI December 20, 2009
a person that is loved greatly
she is a weems by everyone
by jordan October 24, 2004
A vile, rat-like creature that will snitch on you anytime he/she feels like it. Origin: Randall Weems, a particularly nasty snitch from the animated series "Recess".
You know that Randall? He is such a Weems.
by Pestige March 30, 2011
Seems like
"weems like i'm gonna be late back tonight"
by Kingwill October 07, 2013
A person who is obsessed with internet memes, or is constantly quoting the latest viral video. They will typically live in their mom's basement and play MMOs. Also known as a meme whore.
"Who is your favorite Brony?"
"Dude, you are such a weem!"
by shar9y January 27, 2012
Fun hating bitch with fake tits who doesn't like to fuck
That girl was a weems.
by John Rainey December 30, 2007
1) A response to an awful story, bad joke, or unfunny comment.

2) In extreme cases can be used as a noun describing an incredibly unfunny human being.
1) (Zach says something stupid and unfunny)...pause..."WEEM"

2) Greg- "Oh my God, Quinn is such a weem"
by wawaman May 07, 2007

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