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Originating from Salt Lake City high schools and especially popular in that area, "weem" describes a hot woman
Man, this party is full of weems!
by AltaSKI December 20, 2009
a person that is loved greatly
she is a weems by everyone
by jordan October 24, 2004
A vile, rat-like creature that will snitch on you anytime he/she feels like it. Origin: Randall Weems, a particularly nasty snitch from the animated series "Recess".
You know that Randall? He is such a Weems.
by Pestige March 30, 2011
Seems like
"weems like i'm gonna be late back tonight"
by Kingwill October 07, 2013
Fun hating bitch with fake tits who doesn't like to fuck
That girl was a weems.
by John Rainey December 30, 2007
A person who is obsessed with internet memes, or is constantly quoting the latest viral video. They will typically live in their mom's basement and play MMOs. Also known as a meme whore.
"Who is your favorite Brony?"
"Dude, you are such a weem!"
by shar9y January 27, 2012
1) A response to an awful story, bad joke, or unfunny comment.

2) In extreme cases can be used as a noun describing an incredibly unfunny human being.
1) (Zach says something stupid and unfunny)...pause..."WEEM"

2) Greg- "Oh my God, Quinn is such a weem"
by wawaman May 07, 2007
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