Weeming, weemed. Verb 1. to puke on or around another person. 2. to puke from binge drinking or from consumption of alcohol
I was weemed on last night by that nasty ass bum.
by the real mfing deal August 25, 2011
a tiny (small) vagina
Yo that girls got the ugliest weem in the world
I cant believe shes got a weem, shes so hot!
by petchyy July 10, 2008
its worse than a noob, but better than a spafin
Gosh, Sarah can't go to the movies today. What a weem.
by STEALTH PANDA December 22, 2008
The typical role in a teen movie of the best friend who is love with main character.
Usually the 'weem' is not particularly good looking compared to his friend.
Don't be such a weem and get over Stevie, Daniel.
by Cowfresh October 27, 2007
(noun) A group of offspring belonging to a mother beast.
Estella fought back against the fire with the fierce desperation of a mother dragon defending her weem.
by flinnbain June 09, 2006
A wannabe emo.

- Has a inch of eyeliner around their eyes.
- Normally a pre-teen or 13/14 year old.
- Usually mixed patterns.
- Buys all their clothes from H&M
- Has dyed black hair but with bad roots.
haha that year 7 girl is such a weem.
by O0O0OHNOSE.itsyamom. November 06, 2007
(noun) A short, curved blade used by druidic peoples for harvesting and ritual sacrifice.
The dig site at K'el Kaerlyn yielded a host of important artifacts including spearheads, druidic jewelry, shards of pottery, and several weem tools.
by flinnbain June 09, 2006

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