a term used to describe a person who has big eyes or is (blick) and who is racist against him self
stop being a rascist your being a weech
by noel800 October 24, 2006
Top Definition
A cute way of saying penis, wanker, schlong, ect
My boyfriend as a nice weech.
by weech November 09, 2008
Etymologically speaking, a person who mooches weed.

An individual who has the monetary means of obtaining marijuana, but who manipulates friendships in order to "smoke out" at no cost (other than his credibility). This person will usually show up shortly before a cannibus-smoking session and leave shortly after having his fill of the "devil's lettuce". Said person often "bogarts" as well.
Nostradamus: Alright let's blaze up this dunk-ass nugget
of 'dro!!!

Imhotep: Hells yeah, son!

Billy: Hey, can I hit that too y'all?

Nostradamus: Get your own shit, you fucking weech!
by Brad Langford January 23, 2006

One who contrives circumstances to get invited to a friend's house so they can play their Nintendo Wii.
Weeches versus owners.
(Context of multi-player tennis)
by Birddog December 23, 2006
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