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Laughing uncontrollably at something generally not that funny. Specifically ‘Weeching’ is mainly laughing at the very fact that you are laughing at all. a Weeching session can go on indefinitely as it is a spiral of laughter.
For fucks sake stop Weeching, it's not even funny!!! It's just a Lamp.
by 01TexMan01 October 30, 2006
A ridiculously skinny person who makes sounds like a crow to emphasize it.
Stop making that noise you skinny twat. Stop being a Noel Crow.
by 01TexMan01 October 28, 2006
One of the more commonly used words in the age saga. By putting "age" at the end of a word, it is considerd funny, so can liven up the dullest of conversations.
Oh motherage, where are my airwalks?
by 01TexMan01 October 28, 2006

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