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The dialect of English used online. Especially in chat rooms and on bulletin boards.
LMAO... newbies can't understand webonics - STFU unless u r l337.
by Geoff B August 02, 2003
Similar in context to Ebonics, but used by suburban white teens who like to use stupid slang terms instead of actual words to speak.
Person one: "I'm texting my BIFFFLE"
Person two: "Chyeah Brospeh"
Person three: "Quit with the Webonics, use english"
by JoeyJr. February 16, 2010
White people speak.
Rory: Yo, what's goin' on man?

Chaz: Not much dude, just about to chillback and stroke my axe on my futon
by daddy7 March 23, 2010
The English dialect used online, especially in chatrooms and on bulletin boards.
d00d thinks he's lee7, i was LMFAO. u r 2 kewl, tell him to STFU!
by Geoff B August 02, 2003
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