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The dialect of English used online. Especially in chat rooms and on bulletin boards.
LMAO... newbies can't understand webonics - STFU unless u r l337.
by Geoff B August 02, 2003
Similar in context to Ebonics, but used by suburban white teens who like to use stupid slang terms instead of actual words to speak.
Person one: "I'm texting my BIFFFLE"
Person two: "Chyeah Brospeh"
Person three: "Quit with the Webonics, use english"
#ebonics #slang #annoying #stupid #suburban #teens
by JoeyJr. February 16, 2010
White people speak.
Rory: Yo, what's goin' on man?

Chaz: Not much dude, just about to chillback and stroke my axe on my futon
#white bonics #weebonics #ouibonics #weboonics #white people
by daddy7 March 23, 2010
The English dialect used online, especially in chatrooms and on bulletin boards.
d00d thinks he's lee7, i was LMFAO. u r 2 kewl, tell him to STFU!
by Geoff B August 02, 2003
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