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Webon or weon or also pronounced "won". It is a slang from used by peruvians, chileans and some other people from south america.. derivated from the work "Egg" or "Eggs" (balls). is mostly used for everything just like the F word.

male: weon-webon-weas-webas
female: weona-webona-weas-webas
Oye webon que haces? ( Hey dude whats up)
dejate de webadas... (quit fucking around.
"Eres un webon" You are a fucker.
"Que es esa wea?" What the fuck is that?
"Oye webon, que hiciste ayer" Yo bro, what did you do yesterday.
"Te gusta webear" You like to mess around
"Esas son webadas" Those are some shits
(thanks jaykrank)
"vamos a webear" Lets chill...
by jsksijs March 19, 2009
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