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Somebody who commits low acts of doggatory towards their mates on regualr occasions, and show no signs of every stoping.
1) Julie Gillard is a weak dog for what she did to K-Rudd
2) Ben is a weak dog for not telling James that the teachers where at the door before he called Ben a weak dog cunt
by gymmy q August 03, 2010
A word used to describe a person/animal who is of unfavourable disposition and who's actions are of the 'weak' nature. It can also be someone who exhibits various forms of failure or 'gaycuntness'.

The unfourtunate creature, who has been cursed(against their will) with the woeful title of 'weak dog' will inevitably battle/struggle/fail at anything and everything they attempt in life.

Most 'weak dogs' have accepted that they are the lowest beings on the food chain and have ackwoledged that they will never be respected or valued in any way shape or form.
Person 1: your a fucking ''Weak dog.''
Person 2: true
by are you serious? November 25, 2010
Someone who is weak, useless, and all round pathetic
Weak dog!

Matt is such a weak dog!

What a weak dog!
by t-Rav004 October 20, 2009

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