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an expression of sad tidings or events.
we've run out of toilet paper? Woeful...
by tara banana May 27, 2004
Said when something bad, or unfunny happens. Different tones are used for different scenarios

*Psychopathic Woeful*
Shouted at the top of someone's voice until veins start appearing on forehead, used after something so bad it's beyond belief.
*Low tone Woeful*
Goes very deep, and said slowly, usually when something boring or pointless is about to happen.
*Mark Lawrenson Woeful*
Type in "Pluck That Tash" on Google and play the game to find out the sound, used after poor football or sporting skills are shown.
*Normal Woeful*
Gay Person: Oh my! You're the filling of an Idiot Sandwich! *Chuckle*

Normal Person: *Psychopathic Woeful*

Gay Person: (Explaining the lesson ahead in double Electronics)

Normal Person: *Low Tone Woeful*

Gay Person: (Trips over trying to do a Maradona style turn in a football game)

Normal Person: *Mark Lawrenson Woeful*

Gay Person: Biology ain't that bad really.

Normal Person: (Pauses and Stares) *Normal Woeful*
by Jon Elvins June 22, 2007
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