Female code for "This relationship is over"
Hunny, we need to talk...
by t0m3x May 20, 2004
what is usually said at the office before a long-winded speech by the boss. Is often followed by "Your services are no longer needed."
"Jack, we need to talk. Since profits are down by 12% and we are looking to downsize the corporation, I am going to have to tell you that your services are no longer needed. Go luck finding around job."
by ricky roma September 27, 2003
the 4 words u never wanna hear when u think your relationship is going well.
Girlfriend: Jason, we need to talk.
Jason: (thinking) I'm screwed.
by woobie October 08, 2005
According to George Costanza, "the worst four words in the English language." Added Jerry Seinfeld, "either that or 'whose bra is this?'"
Before breaking up with him, George's girlfriend let him know that "we need to talk."
by pbm19 March 27, 2008
The worst thing a man can hear from his woman. It undoubtedly signals the oncoming of a long drawn out conversation about how you don't have a vagina and how she doesn't understand that. Other features are senseless bitching about her ridiculous insecurities that defy logic and rationality.
Woman- "Are you busy? Because we need to talk"
Man- "FUCK!"...."I mean, sure honey."
"Dammit, now I have to pretend like I care for another bullshit conversation."
by White Suburban Male May 24, 2004
i need to talk.
woman: "we need to talk."
man: 'shit!'
by King Gabey March 21, 2004
She means "I want to whine, bitch, and nag about something you did, known and unknown to you!" It can also mean that she has nothing worth saying at all. Be prepared for a half-hour impromptu sermon on whatever she has on her mind (and that would me many random things).

It is especcially annoying when she uses the word "we", knowing damn well that SHE is the one who will be doing all the talking.
Susan: Honey, we need to talk about your insensitivity to my feelings.
by AYB September 24, 2003

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