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I'm leaving you, shmuck.
We need to talk. I'm moving back with my Mom.
by ase September 22, 2003
A whiner. One who needs his mommy. Shut up and do it, you pussy.
Fair-weather motorcylists. Shut up and ride, you tpnb.
by ase September 22, 2003
the act of when Dale Holgate decides that he is going to rape a little boy, but since Dale is impotent, he cant get it up and decides to pee into the boys asshole simulating ejaculation.

also, all truckers are gay.
1337mas: "Ms. Stroy, have you ever shaken hands with a trucker,? ya know, its like a formal greeting of sorts.."
Stroy: "well yes i have shaken hands with a trucker."
by ASE June 17, 2004
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