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4 definitions by ase

I'm leaving you, shmuck.
We need to talk. I'm moving back with my Mom.
by ase September 22, 2003
Jacked Up Beyond All Recognition
this whole situation is JUBAR
by ASE March 07, 2005
A whiner. One who needs his mommy. Shut up and do it, you pussy.
Fair-weather motorcylists. Shut up and ride, you tpnb.
by ase September 22, 2003
the act of when Dale Holgate decides that he is going to rape a little boy, but since Dale is impotent, he cant get it up and decides to pee into the boys asshole simulating ejaculation.

also, all truckers are gay.
1337mas: "Ms. Stroy, have you ever shaken hands with a trucker,? ya know, its like a formal greeting of sorts.."
Stroy: "well yes i have shaken hands with a trucker."
by ASE June 17, 2004