Individuals of an adult age who REALLY idntify with Bugs Bunny characters.
The WBs believe that certain Bugs Bunny characters are apt representations of themselves, revealing inner secrets and magnitudes of depth about their own personalities.
A common instant messanging abbreviation meaning "Welcome back".
AIMsn123: Hey, I'm back
KoolKid3333: wb, man
by Jonathan Samuels May 29, 2006
1. Shortened form of "welcome back"
used a lot in instant messaging

2. Shortened form of "write back" Usually wirtten at the end of online messages/ emails, and sometimes texts as an alternative of TB
Guy: HEY! WB, i missed you, where'd you go?

"Hey, how r u, what u up to? Wb Guy"
by Smooth-talker July 18, 2009
Would bang
Mark: "Dude check out this picture of our substitute tomorrow! W.B?"
John: "Oh W.B for sure."
by The armadillo October 31, 2013
short form for saying "What About" at the start of a sentence/phrase/word... It is open ended question that can start a conversation about anything related to the word that follows wb.
It is pronounced as "whatout" when talking..
This abbreviation started from Quinnipiac University's MTV 270D on Fall 2010 and spread across..
wb your new haircut?
wb that hoe?
wb pie
by MTV270D March 13, 2011
A television network known for cancelling good shows and airing teen dramas with terrible writing. Short for "We're Bastards" or "Warner Bros." depends on who you ask. Could be a noun or verb.
The WB cancelled my friggin' show!

The principal WB-ed our school play.
by Mekka April 23, 2004
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