Abbreviation for writer's block.
John: Aw, man, I just caught WB and I can't finish this paper!
Jane: You better get over it quick.
by Radar Palindrome June 05, 2008
wanna be'.. as in wnt 2 be... sum1 tryin to act all rude n buff..
Gesh is such a WB, he gt off wiv a hoe in da bus.
by Gitesh Patel December 21, 2003
WB: short for warboards.
Anything new happening on WB lately?
by Nahotnoj December 14, 2004
Warner Brothers

A TV network, and movie company.
by star8706 July 24, 2003
white boy or white bitch
doe boy-"man fuck a wb!"
accomplice-"no doubt"
by TJMoore January 30, 2007
Individuals of an adult age who REALLY idntify with Bugs Bunny characters.
The WBs believe that certain Bugs Bunny characters are apt representations of themselves, revealing inner secrets and magnitudes of depth about their own personalities.
otherwise known as the "wife-beater" approach. its when guys treat a girl bad in order to get the girl to like them (3rd grader complex). the scary thing is it works.
one day she didn't notice i existed, next day i straight wb'd that shit and she was all up on these nuts. good times.
by langan April 23, 2003

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