abbreviation of WESTBANK
If Chuck Norris was from New Orleans, he would have lived on da WB.

by C-ROW June 30, 2006
wittle baby.
someone who is tiny.
Steve is a wittle baby
by karauser88 April 11, 2005
WHITE girl BLACK ass

Wb is a White girl that has Black ass. Almost non-existant or extinct but they can still be found in pockets in and around New York City.An extreme oddity. Very rare. See also wigga
Damn that rockin' WB gave me more cushion for the pushin' last night.
by Viggo November 20, 2004
Warn a brother: as in saving another African American human being from arrested...
"Now class, what do you do when you see a police man?"
"You go wb quick!"
by dur November 29, 2003

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