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A person of talent or intelligence who deliberately steers their course towards matters of a dubious nature. Somebody with the capacity for success who fails on purpose.
Frank Zapper was thought a waster for squandering musical genius on the persuit of juvenile satire.
by Jonny Random May 05, 2006
A person who wastes chances and time. Someone who does not give a shit. Someone you feel like giving up on because of their behaviour. They waste your time and their time. Someone who is unable to commit or focus. Some who consistently gets out of their minds on drink or drugs. Someone who does not care about anyone or anything.
Jack is a fucking waster. The doss cunt.
by jack the waster January 30, 2007
Someone who takes time to enjoy life, spending a considerable amount of time involved in activities regular people would label a 'waste of time'.
Steve used to be a waster but then he died inside.
by Slycat May 28, 2004
A person that regularly drinks copious amounts of alcohol and acts rather drunk all the time.
Dave Curtis is such a waster.
by Anonymous December 29, 2002
A term used to describe someone that will not gain from their acts, one who does not search for or get involved with work, reguarly pays no attention to cleanliness and tends not to do housework.

"John is such a waster"

"dont go out with him,he's not going anywhere, he's a waster"
by Gonk September 28, 2005
someone or something that wastes your time.
that guy is a waster , all he wanted was sex and food from me.
by misz.faithful June 28, 2012
When someone is not worth your time. A person is a waster when they are scum and disgust you, or when they go against the norms set by society or the morals set by most people.

-Hey Amy, i'll give you a lift to the shop
-No Alex, you are scum, you're a waster. Go away.
by Amy Cheesman March 12, 2008
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